It's Time for Another "Suddenly" of God!


On January 20, 1994, a "suddenly" took place at the Toronto Airport Vineyard that has changed the world forever with powerful, measurable results. I so honor John & Carol Arnott for being such great stewards of this historic move of God ("The Toronto Blessing").

But I believe IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER SUDDENLY! And the Lord says "Those I have trusted with yesterday's "suddenly," prepare yourselves and be ready. I am seeking those who will steward what I am releasing in the Earth!"


In this time of great cultural crisis, the Lord is looking at how we will STEWARD the SUDDENLY outbreaks of God's Spirit.

Every SUDDENLY outpouring of the Spirit is birthed by a people who MOVE TOWARDS God in the place of hunger, prayer, intercession and desperation.

We obviously witnessed this in the lives of John and Carol Arnott in the days prior to the Toronto Blessing, as they gave their mornings to the Lord and were intentional about spending time with people who were operating in the anointing. The same was visible in the life of Randy Clark, who continued to stir his hunger by exposing himself to those operating in levels of power and anointing that he was personally crying out for. People move towards God before God moves toward them. This is not a statement concerning salvation, as God makes the first move towards a sinful people. But for those of us who are Christ-followers, it’s vital to remember that we are being called to “make the first move.” Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

Suddenlies don't just happen randomly, or even sovereignly. Yes, there is a sovereign element in that the suddenly moment will look like God wants it to look like, and it will happen when God wants it to happen. This is why we can look back to specific dates like Father’s Day 1995 (for the Brownsville Revival) or Jan 20, 1994 for Toronto, as these were those sovereign moments where Heaven collided with Earth. And yet, Heaven was already on collision course with Earth in the invisible realm because of the hungry hearts that were plowing and preparing the way for these sovereign outbreaks. Even though the “suddenly” appears to be sovereign in nature, there is a RUMBLING under the surface that gives us a spiritual clue that a suddenly is at hand.


I hear the rumble of a people who are desperate to see GOD MOVE in this generation. And yet, I believe the Lord is saying to this hungry and thirsty people: "I will move AS YOU MOVE!"

It was prophesied during the Toronto Blessing that what we experienced in the 1990's was a foretaste of what God was preparing the Earth for. I believe this is so. He went "easy" on us back then so when the full measure and manifestation of His glory was released, we would be prepared.


But remember, the heart of God is for ALL FLESH to experience the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. His desire is to fill THE EARTH with the knowledge of His glory.

The next SUDDENLY MOVES OF GOD need to be translated into the marketplace, into Hollywood, into government, into medicine, into education - into every sphere of influence where, currently, we can see the "Gates of Hell" having clear impact and influence.

I prophesy that the SUDDENLY we are on the brink and verge of experiencing will shift the culture of the church, and create a sowing and sending community. In other words, the church will sow into the everyday people and SEND them into their unique spheres of influence, carrying the supernatural power and solutions of Heaven to DISPLACE the powers of hell in those places.

 Lord, come with a fresh suddenly for a new generation! And may we be ready. May we desire more than extended meetings. May our hearts burn to see all flesh and all nations measurably impacted by the Holy Spirit fire burning in our churches and launching us into the world to contest the powers of darkness.