Revival Awakening at Christmas


Don’t miss the powerful voice of the Holy Spirit speaking this Christmas!

It’s so easy for us to go through the holiday motions and miss profound revelation that the Holy Spirit wants to communicate.  I am guilty as charged with this.  And there is nothing wrong with trees and tinsel, presents and pageants, carols and cookies.  There’s nothing at all wrong with family coming together and enjoying the merriment of the season.  I love and savor it all!

But there is more…

I want to encourage you this season to have ears open and in tune with what the Spirit of God is saying that might involve a fresh perspective on a familiar story (the Christmas story).

This Christmas season, I sensed the Holy Spirit tell me to stop waiting for a move of God, but rather, starting moving TOWARDS God in a new way.  Christmas powerfully reminds us of how God has already moved towards mankind.  The Incarnation, God condescending Himself to the womb of a virgin Jewish girl named Miriam (Mary), and being born in the most humble of conditions.  The Cross, specifically the torn temple veil.  That supernatural act declared, loud and clear, that the wall of separation was removed and that the divine Presence was accessible by those who received the Messiah’s atoning work.  Finally, Pentecost.  This was the ultimate “move of God,” where the Holy Spirit changed addresses – so to speak.  He came to live within and dwell among people. 

So God has moved.  Scripture affirms it and History confirms it!

If this is true, why aren’t we seeing more?  Why is it that history has been marked, time after time, by what we called “revival” or “awakening?”

God has moved towards man; I am convinced, however, that the same God is waiting, seeking, looking for man to move TOWARDS HIM.

Study every revival throughout history, leading up into the 1990’s with Toronto, Brownsville, and others.  None of those revivals were completely sovereign and out of the blue.  Before the “sovereign suddenly” where God broke out with intense power, presence, repentance, signs, wonders, and unusual visitation, there was a move of man towards God.  Desperation has compelled men and women throughout the ages to confront themselves with what Scripture said is available and then pray that what the Bible said would actually become their living experience.

I believe we stand on the precipice of another “history-shaking” move of God.  Truth be told, I am convinced that is has already started and it will simply continue to escalate in intensity until Messiah Jesus splits the sky and consummates His Kingdom on Earth. 

This is why I am humbled, once again, to serve you through publishing.  It’s one expression of issuing the summons of Heaven to hungry hearts, reminding them there is more.  Your words teach, inspire and show readers how to move TOWARDS GOD.

As we all move towards Him in an increasing measure, may we expect a fresh “Advent” of His divine Presence in our midst!

Blessings upon you and yours this Christmas season!